AIP Publishing Services to Unveil Scitation, Partner with IEE on Scitation Alerts

(from left) Martin Smith, Tim Ingoldsby and Marc Brodsky

At noon today at Online Information 2003, AIP (American Institute of Physics) Publishing Services announced that Online Journal Publishing Services (OJPS), its online hosting platform since 1996, will change its name to Scitation next month. Also announced at the coffee and cookies reception is a new partnership with IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) that will provide Scitation Alerts powered by Inspec.

Announcing the name change from OJPS to Scitation, AIP executive director and CEO Marc Brodsky (sporting a newly broken arm as a result of a fall last night), noted that Scitation “conveys three important messages. First, it stresses the platform’s strength in science and engineering. Second, it reinforces AIP’s leadership in citation reference linking, both forward and backward. Finally, it signals the breadth and timeliness of online products and services that we develop and host beyond journals.”

Tim Ingoldsby, AIP’s director of business development, followed Brodsky with a tale of a lost passport in France, which required him to spend last night at the U.S. Consulate in Paris. After explaining to skeptical gendarmes how he lost it in the first place, he was finally allowed to leave the country—apparently just in the nick of time to arrive in London this morning.

According to AIP, it will continue to provide Scitation publishers with a range of capabilities, including robust e-commerce facilities, support for varied business models, the ability to build digital storefronts, and industry-leading reference-linking services.

Following the Scitation announcement, Martin Smith, Inspec’s publishing director and general manager, took the podium to announce the AIP/IEE partnership. The Inspec-powered Scitation Alerts is a current-awareness tool for individual researchers that will be available in April 2004. According to the announcement, scientists may subscribe to alerts from 100 physics-related subject areas. In addition, they’ll receive weekly e-mail updates of new research published that week in the Inspec database. Individuals may also subscribe to custom alerts based on their own search criteria.

John Eichorn

Editor in Chief, Information Today

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